Cableless line lasers available from Carter Products

cableless1212Carter Products offers the ZA Cableless Series of line lasers, which help improve production and accuracy by providing clear guidelines for positioning of parts and material.

ZA Cableless lasers meet the needs of many work environments; from individual craftsmen to light industrial, according to the company.

The battery-operated guide laser is offered at three power levels: the Z1A provides a positioning dot; the Z3A will project a line from 1’ to 4’, and the Z5A outputs a line up to 4’ to 10’.

The AA battery supplied with each ZA laser provides approximately 15-20 hours of highly-visible light. A magnetic on-off switch makes it easy to preserve battery power.

The compact ZA Cableless Series measures 20mm in diameter and 110mm in length. It is packaged with a sturdy ball-joint mount.

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1 Monday, 17 December 2012 15:10
peter throop
Where can a person purchase these lasers in Canada and what are thr pricesof the ZA cableless series Thanks

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