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Building a safer saw

Written by A.J. Hamler Tuesday, 04 March 2008 15:52

He was in a hurry. About six years ago Thomas Skaggs, a studio furniture maker in Champaign, Ill., was cutting stock on his cabinet saw and hadn't realized that he'd started the cut without locking down the fence securely.



Always a step ahead

Tuesday, 04 March 2008 15:56

Given the opportunity to perform, Rick Cunningham of RMC Wood Works in Cranston, R.I., exceeds expectations. He has a high-energy work level that helps him meet the fast-paced demands of running a one-man custom cabinet shop. Competition can be fierce, he says — not with other cabinetmakers, but commercial shops. His secret to finding success is interacting with the end-user, particularly when going through a contractor.



Corporate guy in a cabinet shop

Friday, 11 April 2008 10:00

Unlike many cabinetmakers, Tom Westra didn't start his woodworking business in a two-car garage. In fact, the owner of Vermont Custom Cabinetry knew little about the profession until he purchased the Westminster, Vt., shop about two years ago.



Remodeling as a second language

Friday, 11 April 2008 10:03

I've heard it said, "Craftsmanship is a valuable commodity, but it does not guarantee success in business." Craftsmen who have been in business for a while will recognize the truth in this statement immediately. Those considering taking the plunge into self-employment often overlook the warnings of seasoned veterans; running a business is not the same as plying your craft, mostly because dealing with clients (who talk back) is different than dealing with inanimate building materials.



Green, as in go for it

Friday, 11 April 2008 10:12

It could have been John Lake's cancer diagnosis. It could have been his wife, Lori, and her woodworking grandfather from Vermont. Or, it could have been Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Some combination of these factors accounts for the Lakes embracing of green building techniques and fuels their desire to educate the public about the materials and procedures of eco-friendly building, and remodeling, through their Web site at www.greentv.com.



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