June 2016

wsn_0616_175News Desk

Crowds pack armory for Philadelphia show.

Relief fund president jumps into new job.

WMIA hands out awards at annual WIC conference.

WOOD MARKETS: Ash sales strong despite state quarantines.

Tools & Techniques

SCM adds work capacity with new Accord 50FX.

ETemplate rolls out new 3-D measuring system.

Accuride revamps 3800 series draw slides.

Scribe-Master Cope-Pro reaches North American market.

Wood waste need not go to waste.


FINISHING: Back to basics. By Greg Williams

PRO SHOP: Table saw rebuild. By Andrew Glantz

THE CUTTING EDGE: Making boxes for others. By R. W. Lee


MOUNTAIN CLIMBER: Gat Caperton scaled the heights of competition in West Virginia through a sound business-school model for his shop.

OUT ON YOUR OWN: Outsourcing is fast becoming a favored option for small shops over risking an undertrained and unreliable workforce pool.

PRESSURE SITUATION: Well, buying an air compressor doesn’t need to be that tense with help from this guide of manufacturers.