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Industrial insert V-groove router bits

Monday, 06 October 2008 16:52

INDUSTRIAL INSERT V-GROOVE ROUTER BITS, from Amana Tool, are designed for V-grooving, miter folds, sign-making, lettering, chamfering and other applications. The RC-1028 router bit is a high-grade carbide insert knife that can be rotated when one side becomes dull. The bit works well on laminates, plywood, solid wood, aluminum and foam, plastic and foam, and solid surface materials, according to the company. The RC-1028 is just one of the 20-part V-groove line. Amana Tool offers angles ranging from 60 to 150 degrees with a 3/4" shank and angles ranging from 45 to 160 degrees in a 1/2" shank. The RC-1028 sells for $134.69 through authorized distributors. Contact: Amana Tools, 120 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735. Tel: 800-445-0077.


"Extra clean for wood" jigsaw blades

Monday, 06 October 2008 16:51

“EXTRA CLEAN FOR WOOD” JIGSAW BLADES, from Bosch, have a patented tooth design that allows the blade to cut on both the up and down strokes, as opposed to most blades that cut only on one or the other. The dual-cutting action eliminates the need to cut from the bottom or flip the material over. The 12-tpi blade has scalpel teeth that produce the cleaner cut on the bottom of the surface, while the pointed teeth from the shank to the middle of the blade provide the cut for the top surface. The 4-1/2" blade is designed for use with hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, melamine, plywood, and laminated particleboard, according to Bosch. The blades are priced at $13.56 for a package of five (set #T308) and $65.28 for a package of 25 blades (set #T308B25). Contact: Bosch Power Tools. Tel: 877-267-2499.


Flip knife

Monday, 06 October 2008 16:23

FLIP KNIFE, from C.H. Hanson, is a patented double-ended utility knife that eliminates the need to carry two knives to get certain jobs done. The double-ended knife is designed for roofing and flooring professionals who need special blades for each application, as well as various other woodshop uses. One blade can be a dedicated straight blade for cutting tar paper or underlayment, while the second can be hooked for shingles or flooring. The blades can be independently retracted, but both cannot be extended at the same time for safe usage. The blade channel will accept any universal blade. The flip knife retails for about $10. Contact: C. H. Hanson Co., 2000 N. Aurora Road, Naperville, IL 60563. Tel: 800-827-3398.


Solid surface planer saw blades

Monday, 06 October 2008 16:05

SOLID SURFACE PLANER SAW BLADES, from Forrest Mfg., feature abrasive-resistant carbide teeth that provide smooth chip- and scratch-free cuts when working with solid surface materials such as Avonite, Corian and Fountainhead, according to the company. The blade area is available in standard and metric sizes from 7-1/4" to 16" diameters with 40 teeth for table saws, and in 8" to 18" diameters with 60 teeth for radial and overhead saw applications. The blades fit saws with 5/8" to 1" arbors. The table saw blades come with a 20-degree face hook; the overhead and radial saw blades have a 10-degree face hook. The blades range in price from $79 to $196. Contact: Forrest Mfg. Co., 457 River Road, Clifton, NJ 07014. Tel: 800-733-7111.


Band saw tension gauge

Monday, 06 October 2008 16:03

BAND SAW TENSION GAUGE, from M. K. Morse, quickly measures blade tension while the blade is on the machine. The gauge checks for under-tension and over-tension conditions, providing measurements in pounds per square inch as well as kilograms per square centimeter. Features include a cast, powder-coated body and storage box with protective foam inserts. Using the proper tensioning of band-saw blades maximizes blade life and reduces the opportunity for machine damage due to over-tensioning. The M.K. Morse tension gauge retails for about $400. Contact: M. K. Morse Co., P.O. Box 8677, Canton, OH 44711. Tel: 330-453-8187.


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