Virutex speeds up stair layout process

virutexVirutex’s new template for closed and open stair treads, model PFP, eliminates the need for woodworkers and carpenters to design the full stair layout, leading to quick and precise construction of a staircase, according to the company.

“Stairs are a repetitive thing. So with this fixture, once you know one tread and once you calculate one stair you can just repeat it so it speeds up the work and also increases accuracy. Here, you measure the riser and step one time and once that’s done and the fixture is fixed, you just move the fixture,” says product manager Alex Akavan.

The system is reversible for right and left stringers and the tread thickness is adjustable from 18 to 55 mm with the standard templates. It is equipped with a special stopper for 90-degree trimming.

The template sells for $399 with a 27-mm router guide ring.

Optional accessories include the Virutex AngleCopy cutting guide, which divides an angle in two, indicating the exact position for the cut on a miter saw. There’s also an extension set for stair landings from 600 to 1000 mm.

Contact: Virutex. Tel: 800-868-9663.

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue.

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