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ShopBot adds “Buddy” to compact CNC line

Tuesday, 04 November 2008 16:53

ShopBot recently launched its newly designed compact and mobile CNC, the Buddy, which can handle larger pieces of sheet goods than its predecessor, the ShopBot BenchTop. The Buddy models come in either 32 or 48 PRSalpha or PRSstandard versions, depending on motor and drive system.



Polhemus brings 3-D lasers to woodshops

Tuesday, 04 November 2008 16:51

Polhemus has introduced a handheld 3-D laser scanner, called the FastSCAN, which can create a 3-D digital replica of an object in seconds. At IWF 2008, the company touted various versions of the product.



Stanley-Bostitch compressors add options

Monday, 06 October 2008 14:09

Stanley-Bostitch has unveiled two air compressors for cabinetmakers, finish carpenters, remodelers and roofers. The compressors are an upgrade over previous units and contain an oil-free 2-hp pancake compressor and a 3-hp stack compressor.



Power packed into Makita cordless kits

Monday, 06 October 2008 13:47

Makita has added a 10.8-volt driver/drill and impact driver to its LXT Series of lithium-ion battery cordless tools.



Pinske speeds up drawer box drilling

Monday, 06 October 2008 13:46

The new Drawer Box Drilling Machine from The Pinske Edge is designed to speed up the drilling process and provide better accuracy for installing undermount hardware, according to the company.



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